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Red Jasper x Sodalite x Orange Calcite x Aventurine x Agate


This gemstone blend provides inner balance and serenity to enhance concentration and learning, as well as immune support. 


 Benefits of Red Jasper: 

  • neutralise and electromagnetic pollution
  • calms the emotions
  • strengthens and detoxifies the circulatory system, blood and liver
  • may improve your endurance
  • helpful for healing any dysfunctions within the procreative area of the body
  • helps the fetal growth to be strong and healthy

Benefits of Sodalite: 

  • balances the metabolism, boosts the immune system
  • overcomes calcium deficiencies
  • combats radiation damage
  • treats the throat, vocal cords, larynx
  • helps with hoarseness and digestive disorders
  • cools fevers
  • lowers blood pressure
  • stimulates the absorption of body fluids
  • helps fight prevent insomnia

 Benefits of Orange Calcite: 

  • alleviates intestinal, gallbladder disorders, and irritable bowel syndrome
  • assists the kidneys, chronic fatigue
  • assists calcium intake and assimilation
  • heals the reproductive system
  • reduces mucous

Benefits of Aventurine:

  • benefits the thymus gland and nervous system
  • balances blood pressure
  • stimulates the metabolism
  • lowering cholesterol
  • anti-inflammatory that eases skin eruptions, allergies, migraines
  • soothes the eyes
  • heals lungs, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems

Benefits of Agate: 

  • Encourages good digestion, elimination, growth and regeneration
  • Supports the eyes, stomach, intestine, and bladder
  • Offers protection, stability, security and serenity