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Lapis Lazuli x Golden Rutilated Quartz


Δ Highly prized by the ancient Egyptians, this blend inspires you to reach for the stars Δ


Lapis Lazuli 

The Gemstone of Inspiration

As a third eye activator :

  • releases stress and promotes peace, serenity and clarity in the mind
  • helps the understanding of your purpose in life and place in the world
  • increases prophetic dreams, helps with dream recall

As a throat chakra activator :

  • reveals inner truth and self expression
  • releases repression, helps the expression of opinions, feelings and emotions


Golden Rutilated Quartz

The presence of Golden Rutiles greatly enhances the qualities of Lapis Lazuli.

Golden rutile needles have 3 main characteristics:

1- Antenna
Rutiles are like radio antennas tuned to the frequency of Divine intention. They assist one in seeing which of one's many potential choices are in alignment with the cosmic flow, thus allowing one to reduce snags and difficulties and enhance synchronicities and experiences of grace. Rutiles help one raise one's 'antennae' of psychic sensitivity, so one can tune in to people and situations before becoming involved with them. Rutiles intensifies one's capacity to sense good or bad 'vibes' giving one the opportunity to embrace or disengage from the person or activity.

2 - Amplifier
It can magnify and accelerate the effects of one's focused intention and is thus an aid to manifestation. It can magnify all of one's emotional energies - love, fear, joy, grief etc - making it easier to discern one's true feelings and act upon them.

3 - Accelerator
When one uses it, everything happens more quickly, manifestation, intuition, emotional catharsis, psychic opening and consciousness expansion. It helps get things moving when one is feeling stuck, and accelerates the learning and creative process. It assists one in making leaps of insight and quickens one's ability to find connections among pieces of information from different areas. In business, it can accelerate the accumulation of wealth and the implementation of new ideas.