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Carnelian x Halite


Δ A blend especially for those who wish for good things but have difficulty making them happen. Passion gem water awakens the vital energies of the 3 lower chakras , increasing zest for living Δ



  • Carnelian is the Stone of Joy aka Stone of Life in Ancient Egypt
  • builds confidence, courage and passion 
  • removes emotional sorrow and acts as a shield against envy, fear and rage
  • helps to overcome fear of taking action or the fear of making the wrong decision or doing the wrong thing
  • helps to embrace change and transformation
  • strengthens and fortifies the physical body, enhancing the flow of life-force energy and its expression through physical vitality.


Strong energy purifier, transforming denseness into clear usable energy.

White Halite crystals are used in this blend to purify and illuminate the energy body. Their ability to 'sweep up' any amount of psychic debris and blockages rapidly cause the surrounding energies to change vibrational patterns and shift energetic flow, amplifying the energy of Carnelian.