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Orange Calcite x Clear Quartz


  • Sunshine in a bottle 
  • The Spirit Lifter Gem Water

Δ The blend especially for those who feel sluggish, tire easily, struggle with low energy and feel unmotivated Δ
Δ Remover of Obstacles & Excess Baggage Δ


Orange calcite

That burst of sunshine that illuminates all corners of a dark room. It brings fresh eyes to problem solving, sparking our creativity to ‘see’ new and fresh solutions for old dilemmas.

As a Fire element stone, Orange Calcite encourages warmth, circulation and the flow of energy... assisting in dispelling or the 'burning off' of negative aspects of your self that need to be released before you can move forward in life.

  • gets you going for all for all types of activities, activating the second and third chakras, incorporating the multiple aspects of sexuality, creativity and will power
  • helps overcome depression, lethargy or hopelessness
  • regulates metabolism, the endocrine system and hormonal balance


Clear Quartz

The most versatile and multidimensional gemstone in the mineral kingdom.

It’s 3 main properties are:

  • energy amplification
  • programmability
  • memory storage

It can be used to amplify the energies of other stones and crystals, or to blend and enhance the energies of groups of stones.

Physical benefits of Clear Quartz:

  • Distributes energy, alleviates pain, lowers high temperature
  • Harmonises nerves, glands & hormones
  • Increases the effect of other crystals