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Amethyst x Rose Quartz x Clear Quartz


Δ Potent blend to raise your vibrational frequency up to a level where you simply do not resonate with the lower energies anymore. Lower energies = negative emotional patterns, self-defeating thoughts, self-destructive habits and behaviours Δ



Stone of Spiritual Protection and Purification

  • aids in curbing over indulgence and giving up bad habits
  • assists in quitting smoking, drinking or drug abuse
  • helps to identify and understand the root causes behind unconscious behaviours(mainly self-destructive, self-defeating), habits and emotional patterns which create imbalance, unhappiness and dis-ease.


Rose Quartz

Stone of Love, the Great Heart Healer

  • heals the heart of its wounds & reawakens trust
  • its soothing vibrations act as a healing balm to the emotional body, calming & cleansing the auric field
  • calms the mind, releases worry, fear, anxiety and past trauma and heartaches
  • releases unexpressed emotions
  • dissolves anger and resentment
  • comforts grief to those who have loved and lost


Clear Quartz

The most versatile and multidimensional gemstone in the mineral kingdom.

It’s 3 main properties are:

  • energy amplification
  • programmability
  • memory storage

It can be used to amplify the energies of other stones and crystals, or to blend and enhance the energies of groups of stones.

Physical benefits of Clear Quartz:

  • Distributes energy, alleviates pain, lowers high temperature
  • Harmonises nerves, glands & hormones
  • Increases the effect of other crystals