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Q: If I don't know which vial to choose, what would you recommend?

A: Please review our chart of the benefits of each crystal and blend, so you can make a choice that addresses your needs. If you are still undecided, we recommend Wellness, as this crystal blend of amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal has been used for centuries to energise drinking water.

Q: If I am pregnant, do I need to avoid a particular blend?

A: You should avoid the Diamond blend during pregnancy.

Q: Can I use my tumbled/raw crystals directly in water?

A: We do not advise you to do this. While quartz and other crystals used in the blends are practically insoluble in water, there are trace minerals that could be embedded in it, such as traces of toxic minerals that can contaminate the drinking water.

When you leave crystals in water for a few days, they become 'slimy' and will need to be cleaned.

This 'indirect method' of sealing up the crystals in lead-free glass still allows the crystals to transfer their energetic signature to the water, without the hassle of washing individual crystals one by one and carefully safeguarding against contaminants in your drinking water. This makes VitaJuwel vials & ViA pods an important addition for every home... and a beautiful gift too!

Q: What are some of the advantages of using VitaJuwel?


  • Safe, hygienic handling
  • No risk from chemical impurities
  • No bacterial contamination by dirty stones
  • No potential poisoning by pollutant discharge
  • No accidental damage to containers caused by stone chips
  • Universal application, especially in drinking water
  • easy maintenance and easy cleaning

Q: How much do VitaJuwel vials cost?

A:  The Phiolino, a travel sized vial that can be used in water as well as wine costs RM299. The Vials start with Wellness at RM468, and depending on the crystal blend ranges up to RM1,789. The ViA range of waterbottles starts from RM438.

Q: How do I use VitaJuwel?

A: Fill your decanter with water and place your VitaJuwel vial inside. After 10 minutes, you can taste the difference as well as "see" the difference in the water crystal. Dr. Masaru Emoto worked with VitaJuwel, photographing the crystal structure of water before and after using the VitaJuwel vials, significant improvements were recorded.

Q: Where is VitaJuwel produced?

A: Each VitaJuwel vial is handmade in Austria, using lead-free glass.

Q: What kind of packaging do VitaJuwel vial come in?

A: Each VitaJuwel vial comes in an elegant black box, with foam to protect the glass within from damage. This is a unique and exclusive gift for every occasion.

Q: What kind of water should I use with my VitaJuwel vial?

A: Use the same type of water that you always drink. If you are used to drinking filtered water, filter the water then add your VitaJuwel wand for 7 - 10 minutes and allow the water crystals to be transformed.

While scientific reports have concluded that harmful substances are lowered as compared to the original specimen of water provided, VitaJuwel energises and restructures water, it is not a water filter.

Q: What is the difference in wine when I energise it with a Phiolino?

A: Ancient Greeks recognised the special effect of amethyst with wine. While it will not be infused with the bouquet of a "century wine", from a moderate wine, fine wines energised with the Phiolino experience a unique finishing.

Selected wineries and professional sommeliers energise wine with the VitaJuwel Phiolino.

Q: Do my VitaJuwel vials require cleansing?

A: We understand from the manufacturers that the energy of the crystals in the vial/waterbottle are stable and do not require any cleansing.

Q: How long do the crystals in the VitaJuwel Vial/ ViA Waterbottle last?

A:  The crystals are sealed in glass and do not come into contact with air or your drinking water. They last for as long as the glass does not break.

Q: What types of water energisers does VitaJuwel have to offer?

A: We have 4 types:

The Phiolino is a personal travel size water energiser that is used to energise wine as well as water! This blend is the only type that comes in this size.

The VitaJuwel Vials are placed within a decanter, and are 34cm - 38cm in length. These should be used with glass decanters, and we recommend using a chain to keep the vial from falling out and in place when pouring a glass of vitalised water! We also have stock of lids that have a groove that perfectly fits the vial's wand, allowing the VitaJuwel Vial to rest properly inside the decanter. There are many blends for this form, choose the blend that is most suitable for you. These also make exclusive gifts and useful additions for every home and office!

The VitaJuwel ViA is a water bottle that holds approximately 500ml of water. The perfect marriage of elegance and convenience, VitaJuwel ViA fits into cup holders in cars and backpacks, making this the perfect companion on your commute... crystal water wherever you go!

Select your desired VitaJuwel ViA blend from the same range as VitaJuwel Vials, have multiple blends to perfectly suit the situation!

The VitaJuwel Granfontana holds up to 5 litres, perfect for energising water for the entire family! It comes in 3 blends: Wellness, Fitness and Sunny Morning. Unique blends can be arranged upon request. These elegant pieces are a feature in spas, hotels and offices.