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The Vitajuwel Family

Humanity has known of the healing power of crystals for thousands of years. The earliest recorded use of crystals in healing can be found in the 1st century AD, when Pedanios Discorides, Greek physician and father of pharmacology, utilised crystals integrally in his practise when healing patients.

In our modern era crystal healing is experiencing a resurgence, as a significant component of treatment protocols for many holistic practitioners & healers. Now with the arrival of VitaJuwel, everyone can benefit from the power of crystals to bring about relaxation, good health and healing.

The Vitajuwel Method

VitaJuwel makes the preparation of energising crystal water easy, safe and hygienic, in a beautiful and elegant presentation. The crystals are encased in a glass vial, they never come into direct contact with the water, so there is no risk of contamination from chemically treated stones or poisonous minerals, (heavy metal poisoning is a possibility when soaking crystals directly in water) while enjoying the benefits of the crystals' electro-magnetic frequency energising and restructuring the water.

Pour your favourite drinking water (or drink!) into a glass, decanter, dispenser or VitaJuwel ViA water bottle, wait 7 - 10 minutes for the crystals to charge and restructure the water molecules… and enjoy!


VitaJuwel Family

(From Left to Right)

The VitaJuwel Vials fit into a decanter, seen here energising wine and water! Each vial measures 34 - 38cm in length. We recommend using our specially made decanters for enjoying your VitaJuwel Vial energised water, with custom made lids that hold the Vials snugly as they recline in the decanter. We also suggest fastening the Vial securely with a chain to stop it from falling out when pouring.
Peruse our large selection of Vials and choose your favourite crystal blend.
These make beautiful and exclusive gifts as well as healthy additions to every home and office!

The Phiolino is a personal travel-sized energiser that is perfect for water as well as wine! It is only available in one crystal blend, and is easily carried, on hand to charge your favourite drink at a restaurant or at a friend’s house.

The VitaJuwel ViA is a glass water bottle that holds 500ml of water. The ViA range offers the same crystal blends as the Vials. The perfect marriage of convenience and elegance, VitaJuwel ViA fits into cup holders in cars and backpacks, making this your perfect companion out in the world… crystal water wherever you go!

The VitaJuwel Granfontana stores and charges up to 5 litres of water at one go: perfect for the entire family! It comes in 3 crystal blends: Wellness, Fitness and Sunny Morning. Unique blends can be arranged upon request. These grand and elegant dispensers are a feature in luxury spas, hotels and offices worldwide.