Amethyst x Rose Quartz x Clear Quartz

Δ Potent blend to raise your vibrational frequency up to a level where you simply do not resonate with the lower energies anymore. Lower energies = negative emotional patterns, self-defeating thoughts, self-destructive habits and behaviours Δ

Amethyst ~ Stone of Spiritual Protection and Purification

  • aids in curbing over indulgence and giving up bad habits
  • assists in quitting smoking, drinking or drug abuse
  • helps to identify and understand the root causes behind unconscious behaviours(mainly self-destructive, self-defeating), habits and emotional patterns which create imbalance, unhappiness and dis-ease.

Rose Quartz ~ Stone of Love, the Great Heart Healer

  • heals the heart of its wounds & reawakens trust
  • its soothing vibrations act as a healing balm to the emotional body, calming & cleansing the auric field
  • calms the mind, releases worry, fear, anxiety and past trauma and heartaches
  • releases unexpressed emotions
  • dissolves anger and resentment
  • comforts grief to those who have loved and lost